GET BUSY… but only If you want too.

sdsHello Readers. One of the top goals for every 55 and upper that I work with is contentment. Of course, contentment is something different for each of us. When working, we are so busy that it can be unsettling when we retire. Though I enjoy and I am not yet thinking about retirement, I am working on and getting better with having and enjoying unstructured time. It is a work in progress. I am practicing for retirement.

One of the ways I go about it is to create mini structures or smaller projects that can be done in bites and I can still feel like I accomplished something. This helps to keep anxiety down. My soon to be released book is a good example. I stressed a lot about it until I broke in down into doable, bites. Now it is almost ready to publish.

That said, I am just back from a too short and overdue visit with my family in Ohio. Most of it was spent in Amish country, Quaker City where one of my brothers recently purchased a thirty-acre farm. Sooooo many projects, sheeeesh. Two of my other brothers came down with their families as well as a couple of friends.

kjljHow wonderful and enjoyable it was to spend time with everyone, to have good meals, bonfires, ride horses, go on rural country road drives, fish in the creek, and listen to the waterfalling outside the house at night. That said even with all of that we had some mini projects that we could all pitch in and do that my brother could not do alone. We used the 4X4 to help dredge some of the pond (as we swam too), we formed a work line and loaded 3 cords of cut wood into the wood shed for the winter (while we laughed and reminisced) and we cleaned out barn stalls in preparation for animals (made plans for horseback riding in the future). There was comfort and joy in accomplishing these things.

This is just a reminder that retirement is about contentment, whatever that means to you. Having things to get up for, makes us want to get up!!!! That is why I end every financial course or workshop by saying, “If we are able to think when we are on our deathbed, we will not be wishing we had more money. We will likely be thinking about more time. Therefore, retire as soon as you can and make the most out of what can be the best part of your life, retirement”.

4 thoughts on “GET BUSY… but only If you want too.”

  1. Great advice Tom! I believe that we have a tendency to overthink and/or over analyse certain decisions in life. I love the way that you and the family accomplished a ton of projects, while embracing the family bond. Life is short, live it to the fullest.


  2. 100% agreement with you, Tom. That’s why I have plans to do meaningful things in my retirement. I definitely won’t be a couch potato. Feeling upbeat about my financial future is in large part due to having gotten to know you through your course at El Camino.


  3. Thank you, Mike for your comments and credit given. It is no small personal motivation to ‘truly’ be a help to others. Making a positive difference for retirees is a big part of why I wake up each day. It is a good one!


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