Retirement Lifestyle… Have You Thought About…

Have you thought about whether you want to  r  e  l  a  x  or you want to ‘adventure’? There is a myriad of things you can choose to do in retirement. Here are some lifestyles worth thinking about.

romantic holidays… The Beach? Yes, it is nice for vacation, but what about waking up every day to the ocean? Too expensive, you say. There are numerous ex-pat communities in a dozen countries where you can live next to the ocean for less than a bad neighborhood in some cities of the United States, like LA where I live.

1… A Golf Community? If one or both of you enjoy golf, it can be less expensive to live in one of the many golf communities, especially those created for retirees than to pay for golf everyday. These retirement oriented communities also have a lot of things to do, even if one of you do not want to golf.

Man using laptop computer in classroom… The Joys of a College Town? They give great access to libraries, sporting events, speakers, concerts, theater and all at a lower cost for seniors. Also many schools have special course offerings for those seniors that want to keep their brain active by learning.

Staying Put? There is no rule that says you must do anything, make any big changes. Do not be coerced into a lifestyle you ‘think’ you need to live because of all the glitzy marketing. It can be wonderful and numerous retirees enjoy the slower, ‘do what I want when I want’ while remaining right where they have been comfortable for many years.

shutterstock_257430472… Volunteering? The opportunities to find satisfaction volunteering are almost limitless. What are you interested in? What are you passionate about? What causes would you like to see forwarded and supported? The socialization that is inherent with volunteering cannot be overlooked either.

… Another Career?
Whether full-time or part-time, you now have the flexibility to ‘work’ at something you will enjoy. It does not need to be all about the amount of money you earn either. Many people find additional security too, by earning some ‘more’ money after retiring from their working career. What about consulting?

… Being an Entrepreneur? Did you know that more than five million 55 and uppers are business owners and self-employed. Retirement can be a chance to be your own boss, doing something you are motivated to do. According to the SBA, 55-64 year olds are the fastest growing group of self-employed.

… Pinching Your Pennies? I have several clients that make it a hobby, they have fun seeing how much they can save. They do it by doing things for themselves that they used to pay to have done. You can find DIY videos on almost everything. Example: I own a’95 Ford Bronco. The heater core started leaking. Two estimates were $700-$800 for the repair. I looked online and found the repair fairly simple. By following the video instructions, I saved $650. The video said it would take 30 minutes but it took me an hour. But when retired we have more time. Coupon cutting, discount shopping and being frugal can be a hobby too. A side benefit is that it is a way to decrease the effects of inflation too!

… Making the Dream Come True. Many have thought about writing, painting, drawing, crafting, carpentering, playing a musical instrument. You get the idea. The things we have collectively thought ‘may’ be fun, interesting and rewarding to do are limitless. Try some of them!

AW-Lifestyle… Gardening and keeping animals? Gardening, whether ornamental, for healthy eating or both can be very satisfying. Two side benefits are fresh produce and it requires exercise. You need to keep moving. This is a good way to do it. Animals whether livestock, pets or both can add motivation and joy to daily retirement live. Hey, studies show we live longer when we have a reason to do so.

There are so, so very many things, you can do in retirement, many of which you have likely never thought about. Think about it! Google. Research. Get excited! Get motivated!


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