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Age is but a number!

L blog 1Don’t let yourself be brainwashed about aging. Old ideas, Hollywood movies, media’s portrayal, flawed research studies geared to selling medications, mandatory retirement ages, doctors over-prescribing unnecessary medicines, over the hill jokes, advertisers, commercials and more have all negatively affected the way we age. DON’T BELIEVE IT!

The truth about what’s possible is mind-blowing. There are many things we can do when we retire that we have always wanted to do. Once retired, you can do them! We are being brainwashed by our friends, co-workers, families, and more importantly… even ourselves.

There is a reason they say, “aging is not for the weak of heart”. Not one of us looks forward to the diminishing of any of our capacities but we can be brave, be bold. No, we cannot hold back the clock, of course not. But what we choose to do with the minutes are up to us. I subscribe to aging actively. Active ageing allows people to stay in control of their lives, to maintain their independence and dignity. It allows us to realize our full potential for physical, social, and mental well-being throughout the life course.

L Blog 1.2The word “active” refers to continuing participation in life at levels that motivate and sustain us. It is about not just ‘staying’ healthy or ‘staying’ active, it is about improving on those things. We have all heard, “use it or lose it,” well that is never more true than in retirement. It encompasses not just the ability to be physically, mentally active, and/or to participate in the labor force, in includes staying involved in social, economic, cultural, spiritual, and civic affairs. Even with the inevitable ills and disabilities, with the right attitude, we can remain active contributors to our families, peers, communities and even our country. Active ageing aims to extend healthy life expectancy and maximize the quality of life for all people as they age, with and without infirmaries.

“Health” refers to physical, mental and social well being as expressed in the World Health Organization definition of health. Maintaining autonomy and independence for older people is a key goal in the policy framework for active ageing.

Ageing takes place within the context of friends, work associates, neighbors and family members. Therefore, interdependence as well as inter-generational solidarity are important tenets of active ageing.